Motorola Asks ITC to Ban All Macs, iOS Devices

ArsTechnica reports that Motorola (read, Google) is seeking to ban nearly every Mac, iPad, and iPhone currently on sale in the US, and to prohibit Apple from advertising said products due to claimed infringement of one of seven patents owned by Motorola. One of the patents covers two different clients syncing messages using one server, like iMessage does between a Mac and an iPad for example. What’s really crazy, though, is Motorola’s stand that it won’t affect consumers:

“With so many participants in the highly competitive Wireless communication, portable music, and computer market, it is unlikely that consumers would experience much of an impact if the requested exclusion orders [for all Macs and most iOS devices] were obtained,” Motorola wrote.

Officer, the person who wrote that is clearly WUI (Working Under Influence).

(via Daring Fireball)