Tesla Unveils Supercharger Network

The future of cars is being unveiled right in front of us:

1. Buy a badass, advanced, luxurious electric car with free over-the-air firmware/software updates for lifetime and have no engine, no radiator, and no thousands of other engine-related parts to maintain. No oil changes or belt changes. Just an electric motor/battery, which involve a whole lot less parts. And the battery has an 8-year warranty.

2. Drive long-distance for FREE. That’s ridiculous. Or charge the car at home for cheap. Or at any of the other thousands of locations that are popping up.

3. Cut emissions considerably, help restore clean air.

This is amazing. The only problem left to solve here is bringing battery prices down, but that’s an inevitable consequence of technological evolution. Also, scaling of production is still a bit of a challenge. Tesla is having no shortage of pre-orders right now so that’s great, but it’s running into some bumps with supply chains, which is expected for any new company, especially one as complex as a car company.

Tesla S is an amazing luxury sedan as-is. But heaven forbid there’s some revolutionary advancement in battery tech that cuts prices in half while doubling energy capacity – that won’t just be a bonus, that will be a nail in the coffin for liquid-powered cars. I believe Tesla is the first company to offer a real viable alternative to gasoline with a solid chance of success. And I am not just saying it; I am putting my money where my mouth is and buying plenty of TSLA stock today.

SO. Fucking. Excited. And darn it, I need to be in California – the future seems to come to that state way before it reaches the rest of the US.