Dear Elon

May I PLEASE meet with you for an hour?

Like you, I’m a dreamer. I want to change the world for the better. I’ve done some charity, improved (perhaps even saved) a life or two, and I’m enormously happy about it. And, I have this unquenchable desire to help millions, hopefully billions of people. I’m very interested in robotics, but, as you mentioned in your Oxford appearance, the inherent problem of robotics is that it may be better at displacing people than actually helping them, which defeats the purpose, and I haven’t come up with an answer to that yet. And, like you, I think sustainable energy is really the most evident and immediate, if not necessary, way to improve the world.

You’re uncorrupted and genuine – a rare combination. Sure, you’re a giant compared to me right now, and I’m sure you get thousands of meeting requests – but please consider. I am different – I care like you do, I don’t care about money (as in greed, power, not as in not having profits!), and I am good at vision. Like you, I believe that nothing’s impossible – and you must know how difficult it is to find other people like that. I’d so love to bounce ideas around with you, help build something. I already have some ideas. Some are bigger, some are smaller – but I’m a sucker for detail.

I’d love the opportunity to chat, to work together – make a difference. Like you, I jump head over heels into projects I love, take ownership of them (not as in “it’s mine, hands off” but as in “I am 100% responsible for this working out”; everyone on the project can have this type of ownership simultaneously). Integrity is the most important thing in the world to me, and I have no agenda (don’t work for anyone, etc.), other than the agenda of doing what I love and improving the world.

I just turned 28. I come from a small village in Ukraine, from a lower middle class family (although there were times we couldn’t afford bread). My dad is an entrepreneur, he lives in Canada now. He invested nearly all of his savings into a x286 PC when I was young and so my brother and I grew up to be software developers (thank you, dad!). I graduated as a valedictorian from secondary school, went to a university for a year (physics major), but I always felt that US is my home, a country where I can be rewarded for contribution instead of “knowing people.” I went to a US college at the age of 17 and received my BS in computer information management four years later. I’ve worked as a software developer since my junior year. In October, 2012 I quit my job in order to focus full-time on iPhone/iPad development, burning my savings. I’d love to move to San Francisco – visited once and fell in love.

May I PLEASE meet with you for an hour? Perhaps a lunch :D Food’s on me! You may contact me at contactAN84 at gmail dot com.

Thank you, Mr. Musk! A fellow dreamer – Alex