Xcode 5 Developer Preview Crashes with Alcatraz or Lin Installed

If your Xcode 5 DP crashes on launch every time, check your plug-ins directory:

~/Library/Application Support/Developer/Shared/Xcode/Plug-ins/

(Note: if you don’t see Library directory in your username directory, tell OS X to show hidden files first by typing this in the Terminal: defaults write com.apple.finder AppleShowAllFiles TRUE)

Move Alcatraz.xcplugin and Lin.xcplugin into another directory and try launching Xcode again. I found that having either one of them installed (as of June 12, 2013) causes Xcode 5 to not be able to start at all.

If you continue having crashes, try moving all of the plugins into a backup folder on the same level as the “Plug-ins” folder or higher. If Xcode launches, move plug-ins back one by one :)

Hope this helps someone!