The Most Beautiful Thing in the World

…is when two minds strip naked for each other. When two people vow to never hurt one another. When two silent promises are made so strong that no ideology, belief, or person is stronger. Promises not of specific things or plans or actions, but of truth, transparency, and honesty; to never lie, or block, think less of; to believe, to see the best in, to support.

They could be friends. They could be lovers. They could be temporary in meeting, but they’ll be permanent in this special connection.  They keep each other honest. They have no secrets or agendas, no room for trickery. There is no anger, no blame – only short-lived misunderstandings. No other person, event, or politics can drive a wedge between them – for all that is made by human is secondary, subservient to what it is to be human. The only thing holy, sacred, and infallible is the purity of this connection, the devotion to each other’s happiness. Dirt can be spilled, but it can’t leave a stain. Otherwise, it would mean a grudge, an inability to forgive – and the desire to stay pure, connected to each other trumps all that. It’s real friendship.

This is love for the sake of love. Love not romantic – just love of another human being. If there be one religion worth worshipping, I’d say this is it. It is the most beautiful thing in the world.

(Special thanks to Olya, Sebastian, Dennis, Larry (both), Craig, Adam, and Jillian)