My 26-yo Friend is Dying, You CAN Help. Please help.

Suzy was an amazing human being and a healthy, well-fit MIT grad when she was diagnosed with 2 cancers at age 26. She had 6 chemos and is holding up well, but she’s now bankrupt and cannot afford the 10% downpayment for her 7th. The downpayment is $4300. This means she’ll be saddled with the other 90% as debt, BUT she may live to actually have a chance at paying it off. 

PLEASE donate what you can here:

I’ve donated hundreds of dollars over the last few months. I recently saved up to buy the camera of my dreams, a Leica; I will be returning it this week so that I can donate more money. I won’t let my friend die. 

Suzy is a scientist, a lovely human being, and a highly inspiring friend who helped me set high goals back when I was still in Ukraine. I _know_ she will have a great, positive impact on this planet and on humanity in general if she is allowed to live. Let’s please save her. 

Thank you, immeasurably.