I am a dreamy and ambitious geek who wants to build robots, iOS apps, and video games, as well make a difference in the world by making education better and more available across under-developed parts of the world such as Africa and parts of Asia and South America. Since 1999, I spent most of my time developing software, playing video games, and crashing motorcycles.

The idea for this site crystallized as I was reading and listening to Daring FireballThe Loop, and The Macalope so thanks are in order. I’d like to also thank my “stupid American” friend Jesse Poteet for telling me to try an Apple product some years back. Also thanks to Rob the Ginger for helping me come up with the name.

I speak: English, Ukrainian, Objective C, C#, HTML/JavaScript, SQL, Russian, and Ruby.

RSS: http://radioactiveukrainian.com/feed/

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