I started writing code at 15 and built small as well as mission-critical, internal and user-facing applications from scratch to finish: from requirements to design, development, delivery, and maintenance. I have good UX design sense and am detail-oriented and responsibility-driven.

I started with iOS at the end of 2011. I learned Objective C and Xcode, attended WWDC and Big Nerd Ranch’s Advanced iOS class on own dime, and worked with many core parts of iOS SDK: UIKit, CoreData, CoreImage, AVFoundation, networking, caching, animations, multi-threading, Instruments. I used CocoaPods, Travis, and open-source projects like Mantle and MagicalRecord.

Pre-iOS, I worked with C#, ASP.NET MVC, and the related Microsoft and open-source stacks.


July ’14 – Present  iOS Developer at Life 360

Worked on all facets of the main app, Life 360, and as part of company’s ‘special projects’ team. Please see the Portfolio page for details on this and other iOS projects.

Jan – July ’14  Developer at Substantial

Developed Choosy (opens in new window), worked on an iOS app built with Ember JS and wrapped in a Web View.

Dec ‘11 – Dec ’13  Indie iOS Developer

Developed Progress (a daily weight tracker/photo journal), and a bunch of test/demo apps.

Mar ’10 – Oct ’12  Senior/Lead Developer at Fidelity Information Services

In a team of 6, developed (and later led and product-owned) a customizable e-commerce CMS/ portal solution, including its customer-facing and internal/administrative sites and back-end services. Helped company adopt agile processes. The site served tens of millions of users.

1999 – Mar ‘10  Previous Experience at Shaw, In10sity Interactive, Modis Inc, others


a web email client

a credit card processing module

a payment processing site

a web-based WYSIWYG CMS for XM Radio’s store

a system that analyzed hundreds of production sensors near-real-time and reported anomalies as the carpet rolled off the lines of the largest carpet manufacturer in the world and before it was shipped to customers

an ‘object- oriented’ JavaScript drop-down menu in 2001

Played various roles throughout FDLC.

General: Git, SCRUM, SOA, OOP, MVC, UX, Dependency Injection/other patterns.

Fluent languages: English, Ukrainian, Russian.

B.S. in Computer Information Management from Virginia Intermont College (3.96 GPA w/ honors).